Best Identity Theft Protection for Self-Employed

identity theft protection

Identity theft protection

Best identity theft protection is not only important for individuals and businesses but professionals working as freelancers or self-employed professionals. These professions also need to safeguard themselves to become a victim of online identity theft.

Self-employed professionals actually require best identity theft protection because they offer double vulnerabilities of an individual as well a business entity. It means that as an individual their identity is crucial for their overall business portfolio and business relationships. They are also at risk of losing business if they become a victim of online identity theft with transactions being received on their behalf and projects being lost due to online scammers.

Online Identity theft protection

Self-employed individuals are mostly performing multiple tasks ranging from business development, marketing, sales, apart from the major field of their operations whether it is graphic design, video editor, technical content developer, web or mobile application developer. Identity theft protection software is a must-have for individuals who don’t want to fall victim of identity theft. More importantly, self-employed personnel working on freelance portals are even more vulnerable to lose their identity to someone on the same platform, creating a confusion that employers don’t want on such platforms.

Tools for Online Identity theft protection

It is important for self-employed professionals to use a strong set of password for their various services and websites. 2 Factor authentication is also a good option when signing up for services and websites. It is important to have a personal connection via WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram with your clients to intimate them in case of a professional falls victim to online identity theft. Fraud prevention becomes easier when a self-employed person starts taking care of their online identity and never share their professional information unnecessarily on various platforms.

The responsibility of Self-Employment Platforms

Now, although, most of the self-employment platforms offer medium-level identity theft protection with 2-factor authentication being the most common method. But as a platform, benefiting from the self-employed professional, it is their responsibility as well to adopt some of the best identity theft protection solutions in the cyberspace to protect the professional rights of their clientele. As discussed above, employers are just too busy in their own original tasks that they don’t bother much about online identity theft protection measure for self-employed professionals.

Facial verification, document verification, and biometric consent verification are few services that can help self-employment portals to fight online identity theft. Surely, self-employed professionals will be more than happy to pay a few extra bucks to ensure their online identity that is all they have in this cut-throat and competitive self-employment business. Shufti Pro is one such identity verification system that offers identity theft prevention tools to a global audience. Using Artificial Intelligence, Shufti Pro is surely the best identity theft protection that can cut down cases of online identity theft for self-employment portals and websites. Self-employed professionals can also use Shufti Pro to ensure the identity of the customers that approach them for different tasks. Real-time verification results and availability in 200+ countries gives a great boost to Shufti Pro as one the best Identity theft protection software.

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