Create Your Logo: The New Trend Is the Animated Logo


The logo has become one of the most used signs of identity of the XXI century: it is used in many fields to access and get … what? First of all, recognition. Then, belonging to an environment to share the same goals. The logo has always been a key to entering the world, a sign that represents us because it can symbolize an activity, an idea or a product that distinguishes us. If you’re thinking about doing one of these three things, create your logo.

You cannot help but have one. Let’s see why.

Create your logo, 4 cases where you really need it

First of all, it is right to evaluate the extent to which you need a logo. The cases in which it is necessary to be recognized are different:

  1. You had a nice idea for a start-up, your project is liked and you are about to debut on the web to launch it: in this case the logo is essential as a symbol of the brand you propose, whether it offers a service or a product. No marketing operation will ever be effective without a recognizable and original logo that represents you. The same applies if you intend to participate in fairs and exhibitions with your products or services: using a display in your stand, there will be nothing better than projecting your logo, which affects and reminds you
  2. Manage an e-commerce site and you need a captivating intro that first of all presents your company logo in a clear and entertaining way , which also takes on a different form during special events or special discount days
  3. You are on social networks with an association or a movement and hope to involve many people in your activities: the logo in this case will have to be impactful and effectively express the ideas you transmit with variations associated with special events and days
  4. You want to earn followers for your blog: whatever you are dealing with you will need to distinguish yourself with a very personal logo, that can convey your mood of the day

Create your logo, the trendy one is animated: here’s how to build it

The animated logo, for some years, is the one that is trendier in the cases listed above. It is a logo that, according to the message it wants to transmit at a given moment, can change

The similarity with other logos is penalizing: the launched message would convey an idea of ​​scarce originality and your product would not have the attention it deserves

The peculiarity of the logo is its ability to represent a personal concept: it is better to try to express this uniqueness rather than pursuing that of others

It is therefore worth trying a bit more to find the right logo: the most original and trendy is certainly the animated logo.

Create your logo, 6 tips to get an animated logo?

How do you get an animated logo? Here are some tips to make it happen:

  1. First of all, we need a brilliant idea, developed by a good graphic that corresponds to the canons described above. The basic logo is usually composed of images and writings, even hand-drawn: the important thing is to communicate your brand
  2. If hand drawn, the logo must be vectored with a suitable software such as Logo Pop , born for the Mac, very useful for optimizing the graphic rendering and obtaining a file to animate
  3. Having fine-tuned the vectored logo, you will decide whether to animate it in 2D or 3D: in the first case the effect will remain flat, presenting a limited animation in two directions in the plane, changes in color and shape; in the second you can obtain volumetric effects, rotations, perspective effects, also supported by a musical comment. The software useful for this transformation have Adobe Animate and Adobe afterEffect, program editing in Photoshop. Also suitable for Blender , free software for easy application
  4. Remember that your animated 2D logo will only be successful if the movement or transformation will not be immediate and will take place in several moments: this to create attractiveness and expectation in the viewer. The main purpose is in fact to fix the attention of the observer on your brand
  5. To get an effective 3D animated logo design instead, the animation should last a few seconds and never exceed ten: the speed and the surprise effect are the impact of this color, visualization or can have different types of images, always referred to the same concept. If you have decided to adopt an animated logo for your business it will have to be original, that does not use a template, for two reasons: communication po
  6. Study an animated logo that can be transformed frequently, into carefully planned special moments. Whether it appears on an e-commerce site , or you introduce your blog or advertise your brand on a display , the variability is captivating , but beware: the logo must always express a concept linked to an event, a celebration, a mood also daily

Create your animated logo quickly

Now that you have clearer ideas on the content of an animated logo, all you have to do is concentrate on the fundamental aspect: the graphics. The shape of the symbol, the readability of the writing, the perception, the type of animation, should be planned by a communication professional, a marketing expert but also a little artist, informed about trendy solutions. Remember that the shapes of a logo can evolve like the thought and almost at the same speed, even if the original purpose remains the same: to represent your brand


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