How DevOps Will Change the Future of Mobile App Development?


Are developing a mobile app and constantly thinking about to enhance the development process? Then you have landed up in the right blog. A recent study revealed a fact that all the Smartphone users are spending 90% of their time using a mobile app and a typical mobile user has installed around 30 apps in his / her Smartphone, spending 30 hours on an average per week. Due to the demand, many of the mobile app developers have adapted DevOps, which is clipped compound of ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’. Let’s learn how DevOps will make a huge impact on mobile app development in the future.

Why DevOps is required in an organization?

Before digging deeper about DevOps, let’s know why we need it and what are benefits provided by it.

  • Before DevOps, there have been a lot of gap between in the Operations team and the Development team, the gap is always on the communication part. While going for DevOps, it is possible to build a better collaboration between these two teams.

  • With the help of the Waterfall model, developers were developing applications but were facing a lot of issues form the client as well as from the operations side. DevOps helps the developers to deploy the build across different platforms simultaneously.

  • Although developers are using Agile methodology for seamless development, DevOps helps them to indulge in a fast development and bug fixing environment. In the current market scenario, there are two things that many of the companies are looking for that is the individual developer and a Full Stack Developer. Although both the workers’ load is reduced and the time spent on the development is reduced much lower with the help of the DevOps.

Let’s Know Why Do We Need DevOps?

There are some benefits provided by DevOps, and those reasons are one of the most welcomed by the software firms.

DevOps helps to release the software updates on time;

  • This is one of the main reasons that the companies go for DevOps method of developing, the releases can be given at the right time without any fuss.

Ensures stable releases maximum time;

  • When developers develop an application it is then moved to the testing team to ensure the quality, when it comes to releasing a stable application by fixing all the bugs given by the Tester. DevOps helps the developers to release a stable release for a maximum time when it comes to deploying a build.

For continuous incremented delivery

  • DevOps helps ensuring the pace of the delivery that is developer develops an application and the other teams like testing and production support will make sure the application is built in the right specification by checking the client’s requirement, which is called Behavioral Driven Development (BDD).

Address the problems beforehand

    • No software application is a 100 percent perfect or a defect-free application, although the entire team will try hard to provide a less-bug product to the end user. In this, the end user may encounter a different defect or a bug in the application, but with the help of DevOps, the development and the testing team together is able to figure out most of the problems that are associated with the application. This can be achieved even before the end user finds out all these defects.

The use of DevOps in Mobile App Development

As many customers demanding a more quality product in a faster delivery of the mobile apps, when they need faster they really mean it. Mobile websites are one of the newest concentrations of web developers. In this time limit is even harder to create a perfect package for the app to launch it, in order to overcome this, DevOps is the only way to resolve the issue. Despite having the limited time ahead the developer can’t afford to make any mistakes while developing the app. Having provided the entire sophisticated environment, it is much easier and faster to develop the application or even to release the timely updates, to accomplish this, DevOps setup is a must. Practicing DevOps will help to deploy 200 times faster, and reduces the error and failure rates three times lower. With proven records, DevOps will take a huge place of the mobile development in the near future.


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