How Google Maps Listing Can Help You Win Search Traffic


Businesses understand that the visibility in search engines is the best approach to attract customers to generate most revenue; no matter the company is next to Apple or just a retail store! Having a solid presence in Google Maps is becoming the next big advertising gimmick. One of the best ways to find customers is to make sure they can find you! Sounds unrealistic but it’s true. If your business has more than one or two locations then having a Google Boost to appear your business in searches for $50 or less would do wonders.

This is a necessary step for any SEO Pack or strategy to claim and show off their local business through Google My Business (GBM) listing. Working through GMB can be tricky but it will definitely increase your chances of showing up on Google’s Local Finder, Google Maps and organic rankings. This can be done through Qualifying local businesses which can be claimed later to achieve this free listing on Google that includes their address, company information, contact number, business hours and mode of payments.

What Is The Local Google SEO Pack?

Knowledge of the Google SEO Pack is a beginner’s guide for any SEO to rank its website, keywords or pages. Local Google pack and Google Maps is found right beneath the paid ads and above the main screen of search result in Google searches. This area has changed over the course to give a more stand-out experience and function more smoothly in terms of ease even on a smartphone; that is where it’s mostly used.

Your business or company will only show on Google Maps through a simple free business listings process on Google Places. The baby steps to claim your free spot on Google places is to log on to and select Business Solutions, after which find Google Places and follow the instructions for listing. Once active, the chances of increasing customer attention through Google Boost ad will be phenomenal. These Boost ads are easily created through your Google Places account and it takes a lesser degree to manage campaigns and biddings according to your budget.

How To Win Traffic On Google My Business

It’s a time businesses start prepping instead of blaming the entire deal on Google and its potholes that are creating zero visibility of your business. Keep in mind that all this would be a sinking ship if your business does not have a powerful content management system to support your website and your expansion needs. Daily gimmicks, lags, and server shut down will be common phenomena; be prepared and get a powerful WordPress hosting provider to have all the right tools for your business’s website to outperform.

It’s time to make Google recognize your business and give it a priority in its Map listings. The million dollar question is how to achieve it?

User ratings and reviews

In this section, you will have to tweak your reviews for your customer’s appeal and for Google itself which will evidently mean to create more reviews by giving high-quality experience to customers who will return the favor in the form of good reviews, building trust and commitment. This way customer base will be achieved, and more potential leads will become customers.

What’s unique is, everything that you do to tweak for your future customers will help you optimize Google as well. Google is good at considering a lot of factors including the number of reviews made, the responses of the reviews of how popular and reliable your business is in comparison to the competitors. That is the reason reviews have become a crucial factor while considering a business and how it will rank in the Google search results.

Daily Posts On Facebook

Facebook is just not for socializing, Facebook matters to Google, and an upcoming Search blogger Wesley Young researched that constant interaction and content on Facebook is taken as a critical sign by Google, ranking in its Search. For starters, your business will shine some serious limelight on the first page of SERPS which is usually above your actual website.

Facebook needs to be constantly attended and focused for the smooth posting of social posts, offers, discounts and constant feedback; this can be vital for the business to keep a check on customer’s demands and queries with an aim to rank on Google Maps listing.

Listings Information

The first attention of Google’s local search results attracts when the information available on your GMB Listing is visible to drive in more traffic to your locations. The initial step is to take out time and optimize your listings by claiming their presence which will enable Google to understand that the owner or authorized person is in control of how information is being managed.

After your listing gets claimed, further the business owner needs to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information being provided. That includes all the necessary information that a customer should know to reach out to your business. In addition, keep your posts live and portray as a healthy company and make sure all your listing is carefully cross-checked for any errors.

Keep it local

Everyone wants to grow fast, and to be acknowledged. Before doing that keep in mind to place your businesses location at the front of your digital marketing campaign. Whether It’s selecting key search items to your blog section, outreaching strategy, or any link building.

Come up with an outreach strategy

As a review or rating is seen, getting links from online publications is another way to get a vote of confidence from Google. It’s something called guest posts which shows how a local business should aim to achieve a strong presence in the community and its surroundings. By improving this, the visibility on Maps will increase leading to more attention by customers. To accomplish this, business owners require a robust and promised return outreach strategy that will jump-start businesses reach in the online community.

This is possible through reaching out to your local government officials or the community itself that will evidently support your business. Side by side, bloggers needs to make your brand known via followers, guides and publications to reach the fresh-content seekers. Don’t hesitate to approach them! It will boost your image in Google’s domain.

Tip: Google Map listings should not be taken lightly. No matter how hard you try to outreach media outlets, guest posts, and blogs by tagging them on Twitter and Facebook to share your content. It won’t be much unless your business frequently appears on Google Map Listings. Only through Map searches you will be able to win more traffic and encourage them to boost your other strategies without spending much.


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