5 Money Saving Tips for Renewal Web Hosting Prices

Web Hosting Renewal

Web hosting prices and expenses are an essential investment for running a website. Every year, we have to invest some money for the self-hosting websites.

So, in this guide, I will help you to save money on web hosting renewal prices. When a blogger or a startup company is starting a new website and the person is not aware of how to save money on the hosting expenses. These tips will help everyone to save some money.

“Penny Saved is a Penny Earned” – Benjamin Franklin (Legendary investor)

These tips will help you save tens of and hundreds of dollars.

Ok, let’s go to the actual tips.

How it helpful For Startup Business

This guide is helpful for who is having the website or blog. If you have your own startup then you should need an online presence. Every company needs websites for their business. We are living in the digital age and your customer is looking for your online presence. Hosting is the Data storing place for websites like take home as rent. So, every year the website needs some investment for web hosting. So following this below tips will end up you by saving your money.

Tips#1 save money by using Coupon

Most of the hosting companies are offering you the coupon code to save money. Bloggers like us are partnered with the company and providing some extra discounts than nominal prices. Companies like Bluehost and Hostgator are offering promo discounts offers. You can save money by utilizing the coupon code by doing a simple Google search.  There are many companies like these are offering coupon codes. This is one of the easiest ways to save money on web hosting prices.

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Tips #2 Save money by choosing longer tenures

Most of the companies’ renewal prices are higher than initial prices. So, when you choosing for 1 year plan then you will end up paying higher in the second year. So, its recommend going for long tenure like 2 or 3 years to save some money on web hosting renewal prices.

Tips #3 Save by Moving hosting Provider

If you are like me, want to experiment with different hosting provider then change every year. Some of the companies are proving free migration for new customers. And, manual migration also easier in WordPress. So save money on web hosting by changing the hosting provider. In my scenario, I will use one hosting for one year and then later I will move to a new host. You can save money also and you can try different hosting services for your website.

Tips #4 Utilizing Maximum Discounts on special Offer days

Most of the companies are offering Black Friday web hosting deals and some particular anniversary deals. So, at that time you can save more money. Majority of the companies are providing 50% to 80% offer. That’s less than normal charges. In that time, you can save your money on starting a website or moving a website to a new hosting provider.  So, keep eye on these days and plan to save your hard-earned money. This is the easiest way to save your money on web hosting renewal.

Tips #5 Contact Hosting Provider directly for discount

When you are web hosting plan is about to end, it’s better to ask them for a discount. Most of the hosting provider is not ready to lose their customer. So, they may give some better discount to retain you as a customer. So, It’s the most effective way to save your money on web hosting renewal. So better reach the company for hosting discount and you will get some good deal to save your money.

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Final Thoughts on web hosting renewal charges

These are the ways, you can save your money on web hosting renewals and it is an easy way to save your business expenses. These are the tips are applicable are shared hosting, dedicated hosting and all types of hosting. Still, do you have any doubts then ask me in the command and I try to will help you out.

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